SDB book


This book encapsulates a material research that was experienced up close. It questions the figure of the material designer, posing questions regarding the production of the new.

Shaped by Dust, foregrounds the existence of substance itself, of what it implies on a behavioural, social and economic level.

The research was conducted in the Netherlands, courtesy of ASML, in which I participated as a researcher in the decontaminated laboratories where chips and semiconductors are produced.

-N. of pages: 90

-N. of copies: 10

-Dimension: 148.5 x 210 mm

-Printed at: DAE, Eindhoven (NL)

‘This thesis presents an accumulation of research, thoughts, and reactions concerning the definition of dust and dirt; explicitly, how over time humans have become accustomed to raising barriers and designing realities to avoid it. Dust maintains a constant presence that is truly difficult to eliminate. In this paper, dust will be identified as matter, traceable to negative perceptions and subsequent removal actions. Moreover, this research has been approached through the immersive, investigative exploration of places related to the veritable apex of cleanliness, such as cleanrooms, decontaminated environments, and spaces of accumulation. Resultantly, closely exploring these environments led to a broad view of the realities that are dominated by the imperatives of cleanliness and control. It is in light of this that the grey intersections throughout these pages act as antigens, seeking to stimulate a response to the main body of the text. Ultimately, this is a reflection on the behaviors, decisions, and fears that humans experience and associate with dust, as well as operating as a critique of the detachment and rejection of a substance that we ourselves produce.’